An improved quality of life and a higher standard of living, this is the aim of GEEPAS PHILIPPINES. Our job is to provide appliances within sensible price range and with the highest notable quality. The wide variety of products that we offer upholds quality and superior excellence for the modern home of every Filipino.

With a history of over 3 decades of business behind us, GEEPAS has become a house hold name in the field of Electronics. Currently available in 83 countries across the globe, our extensive range of deliverables of over 1500 products caters to 360 degree requirements of a household.

GEEPAS stands as the world’s largest Electronics brand portfolio and the only company which covers multiple segments like Entertainment Products, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Personal Gadgets and lighting products.

We are duty bound tuned towards introducing products that are consistent in quality, technology, innovation and that provides our customers, value for their investment. Today we strive not to satisfy our customers but to exceed their expectations through a solid after sales service backup, undoubtedly the best in the world.

GEEPAS is a constantly evolving brand experience and its success could be attributed to the long term vision of its promoters, the trained professionals that are the helm of affairs.

Some of the GEEPAS milestones are listed below:

  • GEEPAS is one of the world’s largest Electronics product portfolios with over 1500 products in Consumer Electronics, Entertainment products, Home Appliances, White Goods, Lighting Products and Personal Care Gadgets.
  • GEEPAS flashlight is the largest Rechargeable LED Flashlight brand in the world, having sold over 14 million flashlights in 9 years
  • GEEPAS has emerged as the new Multinational with its products being shipped to 82 countries across the globe with Africa and Middle Eastern markets in particular.
  • GEEPAS thrives on its phenomenal After Sales Service, with an extraordinary 5 day Service Turn around Time period, virtually overshadowing every other brand in the world.
  • GEEPAS could be one of the few brands in the world which has retained its customers with figures showing upto 74.3% of its customers having purchased more than 3 or more products from its brand stable


Western International Group (WIG)

WIG owns and Manages several brands of repute across several industries and have been in the market for almost 3 decades, able to build a strong presence in the market. The Group is a diversified business conglomerate, which owns and manages several reputed brands under its belt uncluding GEEPAS (Electronics Products), ROYALFORD (Household Products), YOUNGLIFE (Garments & Innerwear), PARAJOHN (Luggage and travel accessories), NESTO (Retail Chain with several Hypermarkets and Department stores in the region), SHOEPOINT(Footwear Retailer) and BRANDZONE (Fashion and Household Retailer).

WIG employs over 7000 personnel from over 15 nationalities in 10 countries. Headquartered in Dubai, the group has over the years diversified into very many business enterprises. Having originated in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the group is firmly footed in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia with new brands and divisions being added to the portfolio every often.

Our mission is to provide high quality/durable consumer electronics & house hold products at affordable price range for all income groups and market.







Mr. Richard Dizon


DUBAI OFW 1999-2011-

“As a young man, like most Filipino well wishers seeking for a better life and greater opportunity.  I have spent 12 years of my life away from my family and my hometown. My vocation brought  me to this wonderful country, Dubai, UAE.

My work life there began as an ordinary waiter, but after a little span of time and a lot of hard work, I got promoted to restaurant manager.  Life abroad is not what some would say easy and trouble-free . It demands dedication, persistence and hard work. While being promoted to a higher position, I gained not only valuable experience and lessons in life, I earned friends as well along the way. These people to some extent became the source of my strength and inspiration. Most of my vacant time, I would set out to visit friends from various Filipino communities. There are tenements, labor camps, barracks  and decent company provided accommodations for those lucky enough. One will be surprised to know the growing number of Filipino’s presently working in Dubai. 

During my visit to these places, I got to encounter this brand of appliances which was commonly present in most if not all of my friends place. I usually come across “GEEPAS” appliances in almost all places that I go to, not to mention in the rough terrains of labor camps situated in the mid dessert. From tough hand held rechargeable lights, electric fans, toaster, and flat iron. GEEPAS is present basically from the living area to the dining and down to the bedroom. These remarkable appliances caught my attention. My confidence in the brand grew even more when I heard from patrons of GEEPAS that the appliances were designed for the Gulf conditions. Thus the specifications they follow are a lot higher, while still maintaining a competitive price over other Generic and China made appliances. Needless to say, I bought several items for my place back  there in Dubai. It was a 1.5 liter rice cooker and a desk fan that really impressed me, I got to use them for several years without any complain. Finally when it was time for me to go back to Manila, I left both appliances to one of my staff. I heard from him just recently, and I was glad to learn that both appliances were still in proper working condition.

Now that I am back in my hometown for good, I wish to bring back to my family, my friends and my community not only my new set of knowledge and experience gained from my long and extensive training abroad, I have decided to carry with me this remarkable product which is GEEPAS. A brand that I know would make a prominent change in the home and life of a Juan Dela Cruz.

 I support all overseas Filipino workers, travelling thousands of miles away from home. All parents, sons, daughters working out there in a foreign land, trying their best to uplift the life of their loved ones left here in our country. This right here is my new found undertaking, this is my mission and my goal. This is what GEEPAS has to offer. A better and higher quality of life and easier way of living. With the Brands sensible price and notable quality.Our brand is our promise to the people, I personally guarantee that these products will lend a hand in making our lives a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable.   I believe that we as a nation deserve to have something better, we are worthy of quality and superior excellence. We deserve GEEPAS.”


ravi photo2 copy

Ravi Dixit – Manager International Business

On behalf of Western International/Geepas Dubai, Congratulations to Geepas Philippines team for a job well done during the MAFBEX event held on june 11-13 at world trade center, Pasay City

I am proud to be a part of it. You had exceeded my expectation and go above beyond. Best wishes for your continuous success and good luck in the future. Go Geepas Philippines Team!


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